Improve your bridge play

On this website you can find almost 150 carefully prepared bridge deals which contain typical bridge problems from easiest to very difficult. You can play the deals with computer like at a table. You can always succeed but it is never easy. Detailed and illustrative analysis is available with every deal.

More information is avalable on page How to play.

After registration you will get access to set of 20 free deals which covers different types and levels of tasks you can find on this portal. Access to other sets of deals is subject to a charge. Price for 3 months access to one set containing 20 deals is currently 69,- CZK.

Even without registration you can try few example deals

Cooperation offer

  • We can prepare deals covering specified bridge topics or prepare your deals for use in this portal
  • We can allow you to create and place your deals to this portal and use them in your bridge courses.
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Feb 7, 2021
Starting Feb, 15 all deals are accessible for free

Example deals